Monday, January 25, 2010

Woot-Off! 1/26/10

If you've never wooted, you don't know what you're missing! is a site that normally sells one item a day, starting at midnight.  That items is one sale until they sell out, or until the next midnight comes around.

But!  During a woot-off, they have one deal after another.  As soon as one item is gone, another comes up.  You never know what you'll see on a woot-off.  It could be anything from handheld games for a penny, to professional knife sets for hundreds.  There could be only a handful of a certain item...or there can be thousands.  Some items seem to sell out as soon as they are live on the site...others, known as 'woot-killers' seem to be up for HOURS. 

During a woot-off you can order up to 3 of any item, and it ships for 5$ flat.  So whether you buy 1 or 3, you only pay 5$ shipping plus the cost of the items.  Each item ships separately, and you pay for each item separately.  If you buy an item for a penny, you'll pay $5.01, if you buy 3 of those items, you'll pay $ sometimes it makes more sense to just go ahead and get 3! 

I've got many gifts for others from woot-offs.  Some great, some not-so-great.  Many of their items are refurbished, or clearance type you never really know what the quality is going to be.  But if you click on the "Join the Conversation" on any item's page (or community at the top) you can see a thread for each item, and everyone gives reviews and price checks for your reference. 

Most likely if you spend any time at a Woot-off, you'll see several LED flashlights, a Roomba, or two...or three.  Sometimes a laptop, lots of gaming mice and keyboards, and sometimes a desktop computer.  Gadgets, butcher block knife sets, and the coveted Bag Of Crap!

What is a Bag Of Crap and why would you want one you ask?!  Why because for just a few dollars you could possibly end up with a big screen TV, or a laptop....or maybe just a bunch of random crap the Woot guys decided to thrown in your box.  Search youtube and you're bound to find many videos of people opening their Bags of Crap boxes.  Some are good, some are bad.  It's a gamble, and that's why so many love them.  I have yet to get a 'BOC'.  Came close last to the order screen and it just kinda hung there for a while and then came up with "Sorry all sold out"    Oh well....there's always next time!

No one ever knows when a Woot-off will come, nor does anyone know how long they'll last.  Today is a fun day, as both and (goodies for the kids) have a Woot-off going on.  You can get trackers like Wootalyzer that docks a popup type window that displays the current item, price, and the approx. time until sell-out for you.  So I have the Wootalyzer fired up, showing one line for and another for 

Almost every woot ends with either a set of Woot-off Flashing USB lights (they only show up on the site during a woot-off) or some Flying Monkeys plush.  We have a Christmas one, put your fingers in his little gloves which are attached to rubber band type arms, pull his body back and let him fly. He lets out a scream as he flys across the room and the kids love to use him to torture the cats, the dog...and me. Yay.... 

So check it out.  Get yourself some snacks, a few drinks, and get ready to Woot!

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