Monday, January 11, 2010 you tweet?

Well, the kids are driving me absolutely insane today, so this'll be a short one.

Have you checked out twitter?  It's much more than just a way for the youngins to relay the latest gossip.  Search for 'giveaway' or 'contest' and you'll be amazed at how many companies and blogs use twitter to run contests and giveaways!  You can take part in a 'Twitter Party' and have real-time conversations with people all over, and even companies!  Tonight there was a Healthy Choice Twitter Party.  Because of the kids being complete snots, I just peeked in every once in a while (by watching the #5off5 hashtag), but didn't get to participate.  They gave away coupons and other goodies to those taking part, for simple trivia questions and things like that.  Looked like a lot of fun..too bad the kids had other plans for me!

Oh, and you don't need a cell phone to use Twitter.  My cell doesnt have free texting, so I just follow it on the website, or sometimes I'll use one of the Firefox Twitter add-ons, like TwitBin - it shows all your updates and the updates of those you follow in a little sidebar on your Firefox page.

Click on my user name in the Twitter Update box to the right, and then click on 'Follow' on my Twitter page if you'd like to follow me - I usually just tweet contests and giveaways that I take part in.

Hope your night is going better than mine!

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