Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Rite Aid Shopping

Well, despite my children being absolutely horrible today, I did manage to do some decent runs at Rite Aid and Giant Eagle! 

1st Transaction
Olay Eye Roller 21.99
Always Infinity 6.99
Always Infinity (small box) 5.29
- 5/25
-$5.29 Always mq (buy large get small Always free)
-$3.00 Olay Regenerist mq
Used a GOS (Gift Of Savings) and paid 98cents OOP
Will get back $2.00 for buying the $6.99 Always

2nd Transaction:
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream $29.99
Olay Total Effects Cleansing Wipes $3.99
-3$ Olay Regenerist mq
-1$ Olay mq
Used a GOS (from my mom) and paid $4.98 OOP+tax

With those two transactions I have $68.25 towards the 'Buy 100$ of P&G get 35$ back' and since I hit the 50$ mark, I already qualify for the 15$ Visa Reward Card.  I'll need to purchase about 32$ worth of P&G product before 2/13 to hit 100$ and get the 35$ Card.  That should be easy!

Plus I can send in for the Olay 20$ Regenerist rebate for purchasing the Eye Roller and Micro-sculpting Cream.   The form has to be sent and postmarked by 2/25/10 (That's Monday! hurry!)

All in all, I spent $5.97 OOP and used 40$ in GOS certificates.  I'll get a 15$ Visa Card and a 20$ MIR, almost rolling my GOS's into cash.  I'm happy with that!
The above transaction are thanks to My Favorite Deals, who also posted them on SD.  Thank you very much!

And since my favorite cashier had put aside some 90% Holiday Clearance for me, I did a 3rd transaction:

3rd Transaction:
2 Lollipops (for the kids to try and keep them occupied) $1.00
1 Ring pop (for the kids, who then decided they didnt want this, they wanted the big lollipops) 88 cents
2 Celestial Seasonings Tea, 20ct $1.99 each
Dayquil $3.99
3 clearance gift tags 14 cents each
1 Water globe clearance $1.99
1 Herb Garden clearance $1.99
1 Holiday Fleece Throw 79 cents
1 Cupcake Cake Pan 99 cents
2 Benevia BOGO@ $8.99
-(2) 1$ Celestial Seasoning mq
- $1.50 dayquil mq
-$5.00 benevia mq
-$5.00 benevia mq
I'll get back $2.00 for the dayquil
so about $4.52 for everything - but my mom will give me 2$ for the tea, so $2.52 for everything :-)

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