Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giant Eagle shopping trip - 1/14

I had a fun run to Giant Eagle this evening!  Here's some highlights:

1st transaction:

5 Kraft Shredded Cheese, 16oz bags on sale for $3.50 each
2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs on sale bogo@ $3.78 (at my store - some stores have them for $3.58)

There is a cat promo, 4$ oyno wyb 10$, you can get multiples and everything but the Tombstone Pizzas are going by shelf price.  And the shredded cheese double dips with the Kraft buy 5 get 5$ oyno cat promo.
So, total shelf = 32.90, but you pay 21.20 and get back three 4$ oyno cats, and a 5$ oyno cat

2nd Transaction
Then I took the 5$ oyno and one of the 4$ oyno cats and did this:
3 Tombstone 12" Pizzas
10$ - 5$ oyno and 4$ oyno
= 1$ OOP
get 4$ oyno

3rd Transaction
8 Starkist Tuna Pouches on sale 8/10$, but wyb 8 you get 2$ off instantly = 1$ each
9 Old El Paso Heat & Eat Sides on sale for $1.25 - these are found in the Mexican Food Section, and look like Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Pouches.  There is Black Bean, Fiesta Rice and Spanish Rice
I used 6 of the 1$/1 Starkist Pouch coupons available through Vocalpoint for a limited time.  You can print 2 from each computer (I only have 3 available to that's why I only had 6 coupons)
and 9 of the 50c/1 Heat & Eat sides mqs from the 1/10 SS insert
And I used one of the 4$ oyno cats from my first transaction
Starkist 8$ + Old El Paso 11.25 = 19.25
-6$ starkist - 9$ el paso - 4$ oyno
= 25 cents OOP
I got a 3$ oyn Beef or Chicken purchase!  Totally unexpected!
Purchase 3 and get 1$ oyn Beef or Chicken purchase
Purchase 6 and get 3$ oyn Beef or Chicken purchase
Participating products are Old El Paso Taco Shells, Dinner Kits, Seasonings, or Heat & Serve Sides.
This promo goes until 2/21

My 4th and 5th transactions were just random stuff we needed, things I had rain checks for, oh and Musselmann's Totally Fruit Applesauce.  They're on sale for 1$ and there is a 40c/1 IP available on Musselmann's website.  That makes them only 20c after the coupon doubles.  Great deal!

All in all I spent 30$ and got:
6lbs of shredded cheese, 2 packs of hot dogs, 3 pizzas, 8 tuna pouches, 9 rice/bean pouches, loaf of bread, pack of buns, 4  things of Tide Stain Release(had a raincheck), 5 packs of Marcal Small Steps Paper Towels (had a raincheck), 5 packs of applesauce, and a bag of litter for the guinea pigs!

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