Friday, January 15, 2010

Target Toys hit 75% off today!

Oh my....thank goodness my husband watched the kids this morning while I ran to Target.  I would have strapped them to the roof to get home! (not really....but you know what I mean!)  I have an SUV...but there still wasnt enough room for all the toys today...I hit the jackpot!

I went to two stores, my store is a smaller T, but I still managed to get 2 carts of toys there.  Then I went 5 minutes down the road to the 'Big' T, and found another 2 carts!  Decided I wanted the Fisher Price Microphone thing I saw at the first, and the 2nd didnt have - well when I went back to the first, they were GONE.  Oh I was bummed, it was going to be my nephew's 1st Birthday present *sniff*  But then I spotted a guy with at least 4 or 5 of them in his cart.  Darn ebayers! (I really can't say too much though, I've sold on ebay before....but I would never clear a shelf of every toy like this guy was doing!)  Anyways, when I heard him stop to talk to someone else and ask if she thought, "These would go good", pointing at the microphones - I got my nerve up and asked him if he had seen anymore anywhere....and he actually gave me one!  So he wasn't all bad :-)  Originally 48$, and I got it for 12$.

They had a nice selection of toys though from toddlers through teens.  Boys and girls this time.  Last year at the August 75% off toys sale, it seemed like there was only girl stuff and that was great for my daughter, but not so good for the two boys!  So I was very pleased to find birthday and Christmas gifts for everyone on my list.

Also to note - lots of baby items were marked down 30-50% off.  Camping and Sporting good were still stuck at 30-50% off.  I noted tons of racks of marked down clothes, but I had only one thing on my mind, and that was cheaply priced toys!

So go get em - doubt there will be much left by tomorrow!

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