Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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CarrotSticks - www.carrotsticks.com
CarrotSticks is a great online single or multiplayer game geared towards children in first through fifth grades. You can try it out for yourself as a guest, or create an account for your child.

The game starts with the child customizing their very own character. From there you go to the main single player game where your character is standing in a colorful field of grass. The math problems are shown in the sky, and you simply type the answer using the number on your keyboard. There is easier and harder options, so no matter where your child is in math skills they will be able to play and still feel challenged. The skill level can be changed at any time as well, so if harder is a little too hard, you simply change it to easier. You'll receive carrots for each correct answer. After receiving the goal number of carrots, you're child will receive rewards, the first being a Math Achievement Award.

There is a box on the side of the page where your child can pick an opponent to play the multiplayer game. Occasionally during single player game play, a box will pop up asking if you'd like to accept a challenge from another player. You can click on accept or decline the challenge.

When I asked my son what he thought of the game, he said that it looked very cool and he can't wait to try it tomorrow after school. He thinks he will like it much better than flashcards, and even the computer math game they play in school. Coming from my 11 year old, I take that as a very positive review! He was amazed at some of the other kids scores in the available players to challenge as well.

There are free and paid plans available for CarrotSticks. The Basic plan is free and includes Easier and Harder Addition problems. The paid plans all include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in both Easier and Harder. You can pay $3.95 a month, $19.95 for six months and save 16%, or pay $29.95 for a whole year for a savings of 37%.

I think $3.95 is a very reasonable price for a chance to give your child more math practice in a fun and engaging way! My son is 11, and I can see this as being a great way to get him to practice his math skills. Much more fun than flashcards! I try to teach him that math is such an important part of everyday life, and this just give him that extra advantage.

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