Friday, May 11, 2012

Old Navy Shorts sample & share

Thanks to Crowdtap, I got to sample and share their new styles of shorts! Summer is just around the corner, and I was in desperate need of shorts that actually fit and looked good. My weight fluctuates a lot, and all my shorts are from shortly after I had my youngest. So....I have lots of shorts in my closet, but not too many that I actually wear in public!  Crowdtap and Old Navy sent me two coupons for a free pair of shorts. One for me, and one for a friend.

I chose my friend Rose to go with me again. We have totally opposite styles, and it's always fun to see if Old Navy offers styles for both of us. We had a great time today trying on lots of shorts, and we did find shorts that we loved!

Like these - I never thought of myself as a board-short kinda gal -
 but I did like them on!
First thing first - grab tons of styles, even ones that you're not sure of. If there's one thing I've learned shopping at Old Navy, is sometimes you have to try something on before you judge it!
Or these - the pattern was interesting,
but I ended up not liking the tie - I can never tie those things right!

Rose goes for comfort when it comes to shorts. We weren't sure if the bed shorts or active wear shorts were included in the sample and share, but she tried them on anyways!
She really like the material of these - so soft!
She liked these for workout wear!

We did have a few styles that looked great on the rack, but not so great on us. Don't you hate when then happens? But I love that Old Navy offers so many, because I know these shorts would look great on someone out there!
I wanted to love these, really I did! They are the
same style and material as my favorite yoga-pants
from Old Navy. But I'm just NOT made for capri-length shorts!

We both LOVED the color of these shorts (I am addicted to Old Navy Purple), but on....ehhh she wouldn't even allow me to take a picture of the front!

What I found hilarious is that my favorite pair, ended up her least favorite! (And we totally didn't plan the photos to  match - I just happened to snap the picture the same time she put her thumb down!)
I LOVE them! So comfortable and a great fit!

Rose hated them - she doesnt wear much denim, and
these just didn't match her style at all!

She decided on the super soft comfy shorts....but....

After we checked to see if her favorite pair, the super soft sleep shorts were included (they weren't...), we had to scramble back and get the other pair she liked (sadly I didn't get a photo of her wearing them - not sure what happened!)

Ended up going back for a pair that were included in the regular line of shorts.

I spotted a beautiful gauze tank top while shopping (on sale!!!) and decided to try the whole outfit out.
Oh yeah! I bought the top too! It's Old Navy Purple - I had to get it!

We had such a great time trying on the shorts today. I even called my mom and suggested she try out Old Navy shorts because she likes jean shorts, but hates trying to find a pair that doesn't look to young for her. Several of the pairs I had on would be perfect for her, including the ones I went with! Thanks again from both of us to Old Navy and Crowdtap!

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