Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring sure did Spring! Into Action

I'm not sure where spring went. It seemed like the last few months have went by in a flash. The poor blog has been gravely neglected, and I'm going to try and change that - starting now!

I've become much more active on Twitter. I had no idea the amazing resource it had become! I feel like it went from a place to occasionally go check out and tweet a blog update or blog contest entry to a place to get connected, educated, and really have a ton of fun! Companies are realizing the importance of social media - and not just having a Twitter or Facebook page - but actually USING social media to connect with potential, as well as loyal, customers. You can now chat with tons of companies - tell them your likes, dislikes, questions and suggestions.

Companies are also realizing the power of the Twitter Party. That is, a group of people all chatting about a product or company - or even just a topic, like keeping your child healthy, all using a common "hashtag". A hashtag is simply a word prefaced with the number sign "#", such as #spendingimpaired, that allows a Twitter user to quickly search for a particular topic and read what people are saying about it. You can also use web-based or even smartphone-based programs like TweetDeck or TweetChat or TweetGrid to follow the conversations easily. Sometimes the party moves quite fast - but all the more fun, and all the more chances to connect with more people!

You don't need a cell phone even to use Twitter! Just follow along on the web - which I find easier.  I only send some people's tweets to my phone - such as when a company may be having a contest or giveaway.

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