Sunday, October 3, 2010

New printable coupon and oyno site, powered by Catalina!

Catalina has a new IP site, where you can print coupons and find catalina offers for your local stores. - Grocery Coupons, Grocery Deals

You'll have to sign up, over on the left of the page, enter your email. A popup will then ask for username, email, password, and zip code. Then you'll chose the stores you shop most often, and chose your favorite store from those.

There are two tabs at the top, coupons, and 'Buy and Save Offers'. If you switch over to 'Buy and Save Offers', you'll see catalina offers. Like right now, mine has a McCormick save up to 3$ oyno offer. Then switch back to Coupons to chose your coupons and print out everything (it will print a little ad for the Buy & Save, like you get from the machines at the store)

I'm hoping they start putting more information about the catalina offers on there!

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