Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Price on All You Magazine! Less than a Dollar an Issue (w/ 2yr sub)

My son is selling magazine subscriptions for school *insert groan here* BUT they have a really good price on the subscription to All You!

15 issues for $15.00
30 issues for $25.00

Family Fun is another favorite of ours, it's packed with fun kid-friendly crafts and ideas and even recipes.  It's put out by the Disney Company, but surprisingly, it's not shoving princesses and other other Disney gear down your throat :)  It's a great magazine all around.  The prices for that one are

10 issues for $12.00
20 issues for $15.00!!

Definitely worth every penny for both of those magazines. 

They have hundreds of other magazines, and even have bundle deals that have 2 great complementing magazines subscriptions.
His school will receive 40% of the sales, and you can easily order online here:
QSP Magazine Orders

Checkout is Secure and you can print out a receipt for your records. Both New and Renewal subscriptions are offered.

Please use the code: CHA1 at checkout to ensure he receives credit for the sale.  He's determined to get at least the 20 orders by next Thursday so he can get the best prize.  Thanks and enjoy your  magazines!

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