Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amazing Deal on a new Printer All-in-One at Staples

This is the last week for the 50$ credit for turning in an old printer at Staples when you purchase a printer regularly priced $199 or more (but it can be on sale for less).

My scanner died a few weeks ago and I've been searching for a new all-in-one with fax since then.  I didn't want to spend more than 100$, but I couldn't find one in that price range that had decent reviews!  So last night I decided that I would check out Best Buy, and see what they had.  I found one, originally $199.98, on sale for $129.99, the Canon Pixma MX860.  The reviews were favorable, it has 5 separate ink cartridges (which I love, I hated my Lexmark 7100 series with just a black and a color tank), and looked like it did everything  I needed.

I decided to check the prices on google shopping though, and realized that Staples carried that printer.  It was still $199.99 at Staples though.  Well, I figure the price match, maybe they'd price match an un-advertised price?  Staples is not far from my house, and I go past it on the way home from Rite Aid, so it wasn't out of my way to check after shopping this morning.  Amazingly they said, yes that they'd price match it, so long that it was in-stock and the same price at a local Best Buy!  AND the sales clerk mentioned that they would do the 50$ printer credit too!  I almost hugged him!

So I ran home and grabbed the dead printer, grabbed the Best Buy phone number, and the Best Buy SKU for the printer, and me and the kids ran (yes, I was running - had to get there before they changed their mind!) to Staples.  So here's how it went down:

Grabbed the Canon Pixma MX860 off the shelf, found a sale floor associate to help me with the price match thing.  Luckily the clerk who was there earlier remembered me and agreed that I could do the PM and the 50$ credit.

Showed the Best Buy phone number and SKU to the associate who called and checked the price and stock.  As long as the other store's system shows they have them in stock, you're good to go!  Then another guy grabbed my old printer and took it off to be buried or whatever they're doing with them LOL

So $199.99 - 70$ price match - 50$ printer credit = $79.99  The manager had to put the price match in showing $79.99 because their system will try to take the PM off as soon as they add the printer credit (?? silly)

So after taxes and two giant lollipops for the kids being so well behaved and putting up with mommy running around like a mad woman, I paid 85 bucks and change for a 200$ all-in-one machine!  Love it!


  1. I've been meaning to share the great deal I too received with this printer/fax/copy machine! I have had mine for about a month and love it, but I have had two other Canons in the past and always recommend that brand.

    We went in to Staples to buy Canon ink for our daughter's projects which was $60+ so we took a look at the printers and walked out with the MX860. I had to go back with my oldest for a total printer for the $50, plus four more cartridges of ink so I got $62 in all for that broken printer! I also used my battery reward money towards it. We figured in the end with the sale, discount and cost of ink it was like getting the new 3 in 1 for $15!

    I hope you love yours;I love having the fax included instead of separate like in the past. Makes rebates with rainchecks at Rite Aid so fast and easy.

  2. That's awesome! So far I love it - and I love that the power button is out of my youngest son's reach LOL I'm pretty sure that's the reason my Lexmark broke, he opened and slammed the scanner bed and would constantly be pushing buttons on that thing :P

    I need to start doing the ink recycling - but I just can't figure out how to do it. Every time I ask at my Staples they are very vague and I never quite understand how many and how often I can take empty ink in. I have about 20 of them sitting here on my desk!

  3. Oh the helpful employees, happy, happy, joy, joy! I'd call the 1800# if your store gives you no help next time you visit. I've had nothing but positive experience with them.

    I just started recycling. I took 4 in one week and 4 the next. The site says limit 10/month.
    I just popped my into a ziploc and then take it to the checkout. The cashier will do her thing and give you a receipt stating how many you recycled and the credit.

    For teachers,homeschooling mom, it is given each quarter, but it appears the reward is ready for regular rewards members each month.

    Here's the link with a little more detail.

  4. I forgot to comment about your son, LOL. Buttons are so hard to resist. I'm glad you love yours and it produced wonderful scans. I haven't tried that feature yet.

    Oh did you see the feature that if the printer door is closed and you press print it automatically opens? Small things excite me. (giggle)